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Unicorn Lip Balm
  • Unicorn Lip Balm
  • Unicorn Lip Balm

Unicorn Lip Balm

Mythically Moist

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  • Kiss like a Unicorn
  • Keep your lips soft, sweet and sassy
  • Hot pink colour, tasty candy flavour
  • Use it to stick hundreds and thousands to your lips
  • Infinitely more magical than Carmex


We've all heard of the French Kiss, the Butterfly Kiss and the Eskimo Kiss – but what about a Unicorn Kiss? This mythical ritual requires something extra, a little moist magic courtesy of the Unicorn Lip Balm.

Housed within a miniature plastic Unicorn head lies the most mystical lip balm ever conceived. Hot pink in colour. Tasty candy in flavour. Guaranteed to keep your lips soft, sweet and sassy.

A proper Unicorn Kiss actually involves sticking hundreds and thousands all over your lips and pecking passionately beneath a double rainbow – but this lip balm will ensure your kisses are mythically moist.

Pucker up!
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  • "Great product"
    Kees - 18th of December, 2017