Unicorn Floatie Dish
  • Unicorn Floatie Dish
  • Unicorn Floatie Dish

Unicorn Floatie Dish

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Unicorn Floatie Dish
Love it as much as we do?
  • Serveware for the more sophisticated unicorn lover
  • Ceramic has never been this magical
  • The cutest snack bowl you will ever see
  • Classy instead of cliché


So, you know pool floaties? The adorable giant inflatable rings that let you blissfully float around without a care in the world? We’ve shrunk them down to miniature, made them ceramic and filled the middle bit so they can hold your snacks.

Not a snacker? Pop ‘em on your bedside table and they’ll guard your jewellery - bonus points if you hang your rings on the horn.

Not much of a magpie either? They can keep your keys and wallet in order or provide a home for the poor annoying copper coins loitering at the bottom of your bag. You’ll wonder how you coped before being blessed with multipurpose unicorn magic. Where do you currently keep your snacks and jewellery and essential crap? Boring plain white bowls? Exactly.

Minimalist enough not to have a goofy little face, detailed enough to have a bodacious rainbow mane and life-like glossy finish, they were born to live in the mystical kingdom of your home.

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