Unicorn Egg Mould
  • Unicorn Egg Mould
  • Unicorn Egg Mould

Unicorn Egg Mould

Fantasy Fry-up

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Unicorn Egg Mould
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  • Move over Eggs Benedict, it's all about Eggs Unicorn now
  • Feast on the yolky tears of a mythical beast
  • Just crack your eggs in its eyes – the mould does the rest
  • Wake up to some tasty morning horn


“Unicorn Egg Mould” – sounds like a magical substance you’d find a goblin scraping diligently off the stable floor.

But! It is in fact a cheeky new kitchen gadget that lets you create your very own fantasy fry-up. Just lay the oven-safe silicone mould in the pan, pour your raw eggs into its perfectly spherical eye sockets, then let the Unicorn work its sweet magic (fluid dynamics, surface tension etc.).

The result is a majestic breakfast dish to behold. Purest egg-white face. Big beady yolk eyes. It makes Eggs Benedict look like a boring eggy heap.

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  • "Very funny present to do 😁"
    - 3rd of January, 2019