Unicorn Easter Egg
  • Unicorn Easter Egg
  • Unicorn Easter Egg
  • Unicorn Easter Egg
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Unicorn Easter Egg

Eggstremely magical

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Unicorn Easter Egg
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Love it as much as we do?
  • The mother of all unicorn eggs
  • A big, thick, magical white chocolate egg
  • Covered with marshmallows and sprinkles
  • Don’t freak out but some of the sprinkles are unicorn shaped
  • The prettiest Easter egg EVER? It just might be...


The unicorn that laid this egg must be humongous. A truly epic mythical beast. A monumental titan of a magic horse. We wouldn’t know, unfortunately. We just found this egg in the forest and thought it looked tasty.

Nestled into the thick white chocolate is a metallic scattering of pink, shimmering sprinkles. And that’s not all that’s stowed away in this cavern of delights - it’s packed with sparkly unicorn sprinkles and chewy little pink and white marshmallows. Would you expect any less from the loins of a mythical creature?

Side note: please stop asking our customer service team if the unicorn shaped sprinkles are magic sperms. They aren’t. You’re not big or clever.
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