Unicorn Dress Up Mug
  • Unicorn Dress Up Mug
  • Unicorn Dress Up Mug
  • Unicorn Dress Up Mug
  • Unicorn Dress Up Mug
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Unicorn Dress Up Mug

Dressed to a ‘Tea’

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Unicorn Dress Up Mug
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Adorable unicorn mug with 40 reusable outfit stickers
  • Make every brew magical!
  • Any self-respecting steed needs sunglasses and a cape
  • The Kate Moss of the mythical beast world
  • Something to fiddle with during awkward office small talk
  • Awww, look at his little shoes!


Not to be lewd, but have you ever noticed that unicorns are naked?

We have, so we made them some clothes - 40 fabulous fashions and accessories in sticker form, to be precise. Keep your legendary ceramic beast warm and fashion focused on a ski trip, or kit the little fella out with a tutu or superhero costume. Or use the other 37 items of clothing. Or keep him unclothed! Bit weird though.

Simply attach these charming waterproof stickers to the included unicorn mug as you see fit and reuse them time and time again for endless sartorial fun. Finally you’ve got something to do on your tea break!

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3 Reviews

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  • "A gift, but I opened and had a look, of course. Dressing unicorns! Who doesn’t want to dress a unicorn at a coffee break!"
    - 3rd of May, 2019
  • "The only way this could be any better would be if you could comb his hair."
    - 22nd of March, 2019
  • "Best gift for companies that are on their way to become a unicorn"
    - 28th of January, 2019