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Unicorn Door Light
  • Unicorn Door Light

Unicorn Door Light

My little coney

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  • Hang up your coats, hats and keys on a mythical steed
  • Lights up by magic (when the internal motion sensor is stirred)
  • Magnetic and screw mounting options
  • A fictional animal may have been harmed to bring you this door light


One minute its prancing across mystical meadows, surrounded by a harem of friendly woodland critters, spreading joy and rainbows throughout the land; the next, captured and slain by an ill-tempered virgin in order to create... the Unicorn Door Light.

They may have killed the beast, but they couldn't break its spirit; as if by magic (an in-built motion sensor), this legendary steed lights up every time it's moved. It blooms with a gentle white glow for twenty seconds so that you don't have to fumble around for light switches in the dark.

Whilst it might seem a slightly cruel end for such a majestic creature, you can't deny how perfect it is for the job at hand – there is simply no better animal horn to hang your umbrellas, jewellery, coats and keys upon.

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2 Reviews

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  • "Small, white, different."
    Sarah - 28th of October, 2016
  • "Perfectly magical!"
    Samuel - 8th of July, 2015