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Unicorn Beauty Set
  • Unicorn Beauty Set
  • Unicorn Beauty Set
  • Unicorn Beauty Set

Unicorn Beauty Set

Beauty and the (mythical) beast

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Unicorn Beauty Set
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Prep and primp yourself for a big night out in the enchanted woods
  • Soft and cosy unicorn hair band to keep your face clear
  • Moisturising sheet mask to give you an ethereal glow
  • Beautify yourself the way unicorns do!
  • If they had opposable thumbs, that is


What does a unicorn do to prep herself for a big night out? We did a bit of research and discovered that, perhaps unsurprisingly, there is not much in common between the routines of humans and unicorns. However, there were two key similarities.

They slip a soft, cosy, comfy band over their heads to keep their horn from getting in their eyes. The horns get floppy when they’re concentrating. That’s a Fantasy Science FACT.™

2. They apply a luxurious hydrating sheet mask, packed full of moisturising ingredients, to impart that famous ethereal glow.

It’s THAT simple to copy the routine of a magical horned horse. Well, except for all the complicated mystical stuff we’ve omitted, we basic humans can’t even begin to comprehend what they truly go through to look as perfect as they do. Kim Kardashian could never.

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