Alternative Christmas Gifts
Alternative Christmas Gifts

Uni the Unicorn String Lights

Hung like a... Unicorn?

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Uni the Unicorn String Lights
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  • Bring a little magic and xxx into your living space
  • Battery-powered so you can hang them anywhere
  • These incandescent creatures are comfortable indoors or outdoors
  • A more fantastical alternative to boring fairy lights
Sure, fairy lights sound magical – but they're really just a bunch of tacky old light bulbs. Luckily everyone's favourite diminutive Unicorn is now available in string-light form.

Uni the Unicorn String Lights are battery-powered and just as happy indoors as they are outdoors – so you can hang them anywhere you fancy. Drape these incandescent creatures across your bed frame, light up a window sill or wear them round your neck like some sort of Unicorn shaman.

Bring the enchanted glow of a multitude of mythical mares glow into your living space.

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