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Uni the Unicorn Bedside Lamp

Legendary Luminescence



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Uni the Unicorn Bedside Lamp
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  • Light up your living space with this multicolour mythical steed
  • Not too understated, not too big – it's juuust right
  • Powered by mains or battery (as opposed to fairy dust)
  • Four enchanting light modes
  • Easily tamed with the included remote control
Three really is a magic number. First we met Uni the Unicorn Night Light, next came the Giant Unicorn Light and now – from the same well-lit mythical glade – comes Uni the Unicorn Bedside Lamp.

Not too small or understated, not too large or overwhelming, this glowing Unicorn is juuust right for your bedside table. A multicolour mythical steed to provide the perfect enchanting glow for your night time adventures.

Powered by mains or batteries (as opposed to lashings of fairy dust) this majestic little creature is blessed with four different LED light modes – Strobe, Flash, Fade and Smooth.

Unlike most Unicorns, which usually take years to be domesticated by a virgin maiden – you can easily tame this one with the included remote control.

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  • "Love this so much! "
    Kirsten - 19th of January, 2018
  • "This is the most amazing thing I have bought in a long time."
    Tim - 8th of December, 2016