Undies for Two
Undies for Two
Undies for Two
Undies for Two
Undies for Two
Undies for Two
Undies for Two
Undies for Two

Undies for Two

Brief Encounter
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Slip into something a lot more comfortable
Twice the fun and intimacy of regular boring briefs
Share your underwear and save heaps of money on laundry bills
Sexually adventurous friend/blow-up doll not included
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When you buy new underwear for someone you're usually trying to tell them something...

Some lovely fresh boxers (throw away those disgusting old pants, you're not a student pig any more), a pair of luxurious French knickers from Victoria secret (I'd prefer you to slip into something a little sexier, please) etc. etc.

What unsubtle messages these Undies for Two send out is completely up to you. Endowed with four generous leg holes and two arse... pads, these welcoming briefs are designed to comfortably accommodate two people. The pinnacle of physical intimacy – they're the underwear equivalent of riding a Tandem, except you're both completely naked and there could be more than one bell.

Undies for Two are the perfect gift to spice up Valentine's day, weddings, secret Santa and four-legged races. As the creators say: They're twice as fun as regular underwear. Half the fun is getting into them, the other half is up to you.


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Product Features:
  • Four leg holes and two butt pads to comfortably accommodate two people
  • Perfect for weddings, Valentine's day, stags, hens, secret Santa and four-legged races
  • Twice the fun and twice the intimacy of normal underwear
  • Send your partner a particularly unsubtle message
  • Also a great gift for someone born with four legs
  • Hand wash only
  • Made from 100% stretched cotton
  • One size fits most (by "most" we mean two people)
Return information:
  • Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to offer our usual 30-day, no-quibble returns policy, if you later change your mind, or otherwise decide to return the product through no fault of Firebox. Click here for more info.