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Diminutive decision-makers

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    Q: Am I the fairest of
    them all?

    Experts reckon modern living affects your ability to make decisions. And they might be right - we can't decide. The point is we're always having to choose between yes, no and maybe. Annoying, yes?

    Thankfully our good friends in Japan have created Unazukins - impossibly cute little collectable dolls that help you make decisions by responding to your questions with a nod or shake of the head.

    Simply ask a question ("Am I staggeringly attractive/Is Hedgehunter going to win the 12:10 at Steepledown?/Does my bum look big in this?") and Unazukins will answer with a yes (one nod), a definite yes (two nods), a no (one head shake), or a definite no (double head shake).


    Q: Do you know the way
    to Amarillo?

    Looking like Russian dolls with a cartoony twist, Unazukins are said to be wise fairies that live under big mushrooms in the woods (pint of whatever the makers are drinking, please). Dodgy mythology aside, these pocket-sized sages make ideal desktop companions ("Shall I float the company for £100 billion?") and pretty nifty pencil case pals ("Do I look silly talking to you during my final PhD exam?").

    If you're reading this and wondering whether Unazukins are going to be the next big thing, the answer is an emphatic yes. These grinning yes/no dolls are already huge in trendsetting Japan. And because Unazukins are randomly packed you never know which one you're going to get, so collecting them is half the fun.

    Whether you're using your Unazukin to predict the footie results, settle a bet, decide whose round it is, or simply adorn your desk, we guarantee you'll be unable to resist popping a question every time you clap eyes on that adorable little face. The only question left is this: do you want to be part of the Unazukin phenomenon? Double nod? We'll take that as a yes!

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