Ultrasone Zebrano Edition 10 Headphones
  • Ultrasone Zebrano Edition 10 Headphones

Ultrasone Zebrano Edition 10 Headphones

The sound of sheer luxury

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    Zebrano Ultrasone Edition 10 Headphones

    Zebrano Wood Stand

    If you’ve got money coming out of your ears, you might as well make sure the headphones you plonk over them are of the utmost quality. Besides, you work hard (we hope) so your lugholes deserve to be pampered. Enter, on a gold-plated platter held aloft by buff eunuchs, Ultrasone’s Zebrano Edition 10 Headphones.

    Ludicrously luxe, these limited edition open back headphones have been created with the obsessive, not to mention flush, audiophile in mind. And boy, do they deliver. Featuring lacquered ear cup inlays hand-crafted in Zebrano wood, Ethiopian leather ear pads, titanium-plated drivers and Kevlar-coated cables, these are, without doubt, the most lavishly appointed ‘phones on the planet.

    Zebrano Ultrasone Edition 10 Headphones

    Zebrano Wood Case


    But what do they sound like, we hear you (via your butler) ask? In a word: phenomenal. The titanium-plated 40mm drivers have been specially tuned for open back headphones and feature a powerful magnet for enhanced sound pressure levels. Throw in S-Logic™ Plus technology to give supreme spacious tonal perception (it says here) and you’re looking at the most incredible sounding headphones on the market. Even Sinitta’s greatest hit will sound like sonic ambrosia through these babies.

    With all this high-end tech you could be forgiven for thinking Zebranos weigh a ton, but no, they are extremely light and staggeringly comfortable, even after hours of use, making them ideal for listening to your favourite choons (do oligarchs say ‘choons’?) in any scenario. Just make sure you don’t wear ‘em on the night bus.

    Although only 2,010 individually numbered Edition 10 headphones will be produced, Ultrasone have decided to complement their air of exclusivity by throwing in a handcrafted Zebrano wood stand and a wooden box for safe storage/transportation. These guys really have thought of everything. In fact the only thing they can’t do is influence your taste in music. Then again listening to Chas ‘n’ Dave on headphones like this has got to be the ultimate in decadence.

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