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Ultra-Portable USB Turntable
  • Ultra-Portable USB Turntable

Ultra-Portable USB Turntable

Take the 1s and 2s wherever you go

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    Designed with easy transport in mind, the LP2GO and Duo Deck Turntables are some very portable turntables. The tone-arm can be locked into place when you’re on the move and because there isn’t a large platter like on conventional turntables, it can easily slip into a backpack or a drawer. With its built-in speaker, 1/8” external jack and powered by mains, USB or batteries, the world is your slowly rotating, slightly grooved, musical, wax oyster.

    Lifestyle shot

    Perfect for a vintage picnic

    Ultra Portable USB Turntable

    Locked into the groove

    tape player

    Classic mixtapes
    Available on the Duo Deck version

    But this is no simple turntable, no sir. Plug it into a computer using the USB cable provided and let the self-installing software convert your records to MP3, straight from the stylus. The Duo Deck will even convert cassettes too, meaning that Hot Summer Anthems Mix Vol. III doesn’t need to languish in your shoebox anymore. Oh the hot, summery, anthemic memories.

    Switches and connections:
    connections and inputs

    Duo Deck (L-R): Vinyl/tape switch, record speed, headphone jack and USB port

    Ultra Portable USB Turntable: LP2GO

    The LP2GO is Vinyl only

    The LP2GO and Duo Deck Turntables are a great option for scouring dusty basements for illusive white labels and mixtapes; sitting in the park, rocking out with fellow vinyl junkies or just as a great, no-nonsense desktop turntable. Besides, with humanity racing headlong into a completely digital future, where our robotic overlords will only allow heavily compressed, poor quality digital music files; we should really enjoy these vastly superior physical mediums as much as possible.

    Take that, future robot overlords.

    Recording to MP3
    This simple guide explains how to record MP3s using your USB Turntable and the EZ vinyl converter software (included). This process is very similar for other operating systems.

    Step 1   Step 2   Step 3

    Plug into your computer via USB


    Load up EZ vinyl converter software


    Record using automatic track splitting

    Step 1   Step 2   Step 3

    Tag your tracks


    Export to iTunes


    Enjoy listening to your new MP3's!

    More detail and specification