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Ultra Bright Selfie Light

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Ultra Bright Selfie Light
Love it as much as we do?
  • Say hello (or cheese) to well-lit, professional selfies
  • Clips onto any smartphone
  • Uses a retina-busting 36 LEDs
  • Three levels of brightness
  • Halo shape for an even light distribution
  • Powered by a re-chargeable battery – not your phone's
There is nothing worse than a poorly lit selfie. Nothing.

Up your photoshoot game and improve the quality of your pics with the Ultra Bright Selfie Light. It clips firmly onto any smartphone and uses the retina-scorching power of 36 LEDs to brighten up your photos.

Unlike most attachable lights that sap power from your phone, this device is re-charged via micro-USB and can remain fully lit for up to 45 minutes.

No more dull and lifeless photos. Just professional, well-lit selfies.

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