The Black Box - Limited Edition. Full of Firebox best-sellers
The Black Box - Limited Edition. Full of Firebox best-sellers

Ultimate Deck Playing Cards

They're a pretty big deal

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  • A one-of-a-kind collection of cards, fit for a museum
  • Every single card is unique, with its own story to tell
  • A mix of classical artwork and pieces from modern illustrators
  • It's the most expensive deck ever produced
So the story goes that an ageing magician, betrayed by his hateful assistant, left a mysterious box to his family on his death bed. Encased in a myriad of locks and riddles; for decades it remained sealed, no one able to crack the code and expose the wonders contained within.

Then one day the box sprung to life. You could hear crumbling cogs turning inside, rusty bolts sliding into place, ancient latches creaking under immense internal pressure. And then slowly, it hinged open to reveal an unimaginable deck of playing cards.

This was unlike any deck you've ever seen before. Each card was beautifully decorated with a unique piece of artwork, every one of them enriched with mystery, its own story to tell. This deck was truly one-of-a-kind, fit for a museum, and now it's yours to own.

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  • "Great service as usual from Firebox, the cards came really quickly. The cards themselves are really well made and indeed are unique."
    Ben - 10th of February, 2015