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Ultimate Barbecue Tool Kit
  • Ultimate Barbecue Tool Kit

Ultimate Barbecue Tool Kit

To protect and serve (burgers)

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    As any matador will tell you; looking the part is often half the battle. That’s why, before tackling any barbecue we recommend strapping yourself into the Ultimate BBQ Tool Kit. Designed to carry all the equipment an al fresco chef might need, this rugged apron features front pockets for a large spatula with bottle opener (natch), fork, and tongs.

    Carry Bag Un-rolling the kit Putting on the apron

    Easy to carry...


    and wear!

    What’s more, the whole kit can be rolled up and carried, thanks to an adjustable shoulder strap. So no more trying to turn sausages with bits of stick, flipping burgers with picnic sporks, or toasting marshmallows on the end of a biro (“mine tastes inky!”). Step out in the Ultimate Barbecue Tool Kit and tame those flames.

    Contents of the Ultimate Barbecue Tool Kit (L-R): The carry bag/apron, oven glove, spatula, tongs and fork

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