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They're good, they're bad, but most of all they're phenomenally ugly!

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    Cuddling the Ugly Dolls


    Contrary to popular post-millennial opinion, being ugly is not always a disadvantage. Because despite today's image-obsessed media, ugly sells. In fact, we reckon ugly is the new beautiful. Why else would physiognomically- challenged multi-millionaires such as Mick Hucknall and Andrew Lloyd Webber be such babe-magnets? Apart from the millions of pounds thing, of course...

    The point is, what one person considers ugly, another considers beautiful. With this perennial dichotomy in mind, we've been on the lookout for something that's fabulously "ugliful" (yes, we made that word up), and wouldn't you just know it, we've gone and found a complete tribe of them!

    Secret Mission Ice Bat Ice Bat Ox

    Mission Ice Bat

    Ice Bat



    (L-R) Mr Kasoogi and Poe

    Uglydolls are a bunch of quirky, colourful characters that have taken the US by storm. Disappearing off the shelves faster than you can say "Cabbage Patch" these huggable, limited edition creatures have created a frenzy of excitement Stateside, and are now set to do the same thing across the entire globe.

    Soft and huggable, Uglydolls make great naptime companions and, unbelievable though it is in this age of mass-production, every single pillowy creature is carefully handmade by skilled Chinese artisans.

    Part toy, part art collectible, Uglydolls are the buddies of choice for celebs and fashionistas across the States. Über-chic stores such as Barney's of New York can't get enough of the little devils, and they're even being featured at The Museum of Contemporary Art in LA!

    Plunko Moxy



    There are now seven lovable characters in the range: Poe, Moxy, Plunko, Mr Kasoogi, Ice Bat, Mission Ice Bat, and Ox. Each doll has his/her/its(?) own endearing traits, so you can choose an Uglydoll to suit your disposition. For example, Big Toe is very busy and Plunko is a business man. Yes, we know it sounds a little weird, but all the best crazes do! Let's be honest, The Teletubbies are hardly normal, are they?

    We really can't overemphasise how gobsmackingly trendy Uglydolls are. So order yours before the rest of the world realises it's time to get seriously ugly!

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