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UV Monkey

Go on, my Sun!

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    How to use the UV Monkey

    Expose it to sunlight

    Ah, the blazing glory of our celestial orb is magnificent. We just can’t get enough of the stuff: those magnificent rays of light pouring down through the heavens to warm our chilly British bones. Some even say it makes us feel sexy. Though when it turns your pallid skin into a saggy, crocodilian piece of limp toast, you’d think otherwise. What you want is an easy way to work out when the invisible UV rays that damage you are at their most destructive, and this is just the bally thing.

    The UV monkey is a key-fob sized UV ray detector. Just expose it to sunlight and it’ll tell you how strong the devious rays are at that precise moment, taking just a few seconds to give you a simple read-out on its cute purple scale. Each part of the scale corresponds to the UV warning scales used in national forecasts too, so you’ll know precisely when to pop your hankie on your noggin and roll down your trousers.

    Because it’s such a brilliantly handy size you’re more likely to take it everywhere with you – on your keys, attached to your beach bag, even hanging from your nose like a cyber-tribal warrior from the future. And we all know that post-apocalyptic warriors are going to worry just as much as us about keeping an attractive skin tone.

    How to use the UV Monkey

    Handy size

    It’s been made by some people that know a thing or two about sunshine – the same peeps who came up with the brilliant PowerMonkey, a charging unit favoured by the discerning traveller. Made from the same tough materials, the UV Monkey will also pair up with this charger to give you an idea of how fast it’ll be able to charge up your electric gadgets. A lower UV reading means you’ll be waiting longer to get full charge, a higher reading means you can start planning to make a move far sooner.

    UV Monkey can take care of your body as well as your technology – so you’ll be feeling blessed by the sunshine again instead of cursing its crispy capabilities. Go forth, traveller, and seek the beach in safety!

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