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UV Cypher Kit

    UV Cypher Kit

    Seriously secretive stationery

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      The power of UV can be a devastating thing. Wear black in a UV-lit club, for example, and you can kiss your chances of anything more than a sympathetic peck on the cheek goodbye, thanks to the appearance of an obscenely severe dandruff problem. You could be forgiven for thinking that Ultra Violet light is man's greatest nemesis, but it's awesome power can be harnessed and used for your own ends.

      UV CypherTake the UV Cypher for example, a UV pen and light combo that makes your scribblings invisible to the naked eye, but eminently readable in glorious fluorescent blue when you shine the miniature UV light over them. The potential applications for the UV Cypher are almost limitless, keeping that Harry Potter-thrashing first novel secret for instance, or writing choice remarks on your friends' foreheads as they sleep, only to find themselves the subject of mirth the next time they hit a club. Part prank tool, part serious covert stationery, the UV Cypher offers the ultimate in secure paper messaging. Need to write a particularly choice comment to a work colleague about a fellow member of staff, but couldn't possibly allow them to see it? The UV Cypher's your boy.

      This is the writing implement of choice for the more sophisticated gentleman or woman, someone for whom writing in childish lemon juice doesn't quite cut it. UV stamps are also the secure entry method of choice for many festivals and clubs, so the UV pen artisan should have no problem gaining access to these venues gratis. Firebox, of course, is fervently against such fraudulent use of its products....

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