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USBCell Batteries

Portable power made easy PC

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    The fact that you're surfing across our gloriously orangey site means you're probably into portable gadgets. It also means you need fresh batteries on a regular basis. Because a gizmo without batteries is as much use as a bike without wheels. And that can be rather annoying because the cost of batteries soon adds up, doesn't it? Well no, not if you use USBCell Batteries.

    USBCell Batteries

    USB plug-n-charge

    As the name suggests, these revolutionary AA size batteries are recharged via your computer's USB port - no bulky chargers or cumbersome cables required. Simply flip open the cap at the positive end of the battery to reveal the connector and plug it straight in. Each battery even features an LED that indicates charge status. Genius!

    Unless you're some kind of techno-dunce, you're bound to be surrounded by USB ports: on your PC, your laptop and even your Xbox 360. And if you really are a techno-dunce you probably don't know what a USB port is anyway - we're certainly not going to waste time telling you now.

    USBCell Batteries

    Charge from laptop

    Charge from PC

    Charge from monitor

    Brilliant for powering PC peripherals such as wireless mice and keyboards, these eco-friendly batteries are also ideal travelling companions when you're out gallivanting with your laptop, as you won't need to sully the line of your suit with additional adaptors and chargers.

    USBCell Batteries
    Seeing as flat batteries are about as much use as margarine turbochargers, we can think of no good reason why you wouldn't want to buy a set of USBCell Batteries immediately. And don't say "because I'm never near any USB ports" because you're sitting next to a couple right now!

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