USB Xmas Tree

    USB Xmas Tree

    Decorate your desktop

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      The emergence of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) peripheral standard was a very exciting time for techies, geeks and other nerdish types. Here at last was a universal, cross-platform peripheral standard which could be used with numerous devices, including printers, cameras, game pads, joysticks, keyboards and mice, and storage devices. Great for people who have nostalgic memories of RS232 interface leads, but not remotely interesting to your average person. Until now...

      USB Xmas Tree: Animation

      Lately, some of the rather more imaginative and wacky nerds have been producing all manner of odd, USB-powered gizmos, ranging from massagers (calm down) to coffee mugs (no, really) to this, the rather marvellous and highly festive-spirit inducing USB Christmas Tree! The USB Christmas Tree Light will add a dash of Christmas spirit to any PC, Macintosh or notebook computer with a built in USB port. The USB Christmas Tree Light changes color every second, displaying vivid neon glow colors, including Red, Green, Blue and Cyan.

      USB Xmas Tree: in hand

      The USB Christmas Tree connects to the USB port of any computer and has a 4' Candy Cane striped red and white cable connector. And because it is USB powered, no batteries are required. Clever, eh? And because it is made of plastic, you don't need to worry about sweeping pine needles off of your desk come January. We reckon this little gizmo is the Ultimate Seasonal Bauble.

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