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USB Whack It

Ready, steady, whack!

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    USB Whack It

    Feeling light headed?

    Remember that old arcade game where you had to bash mechanical peek-a-boo-ing moles back into their holes with a big squishy mallet? If you do you'll know that it was one of the most addictive games ever created. And now, thanks to the Silly Games Research Team here at Firebox Towers, you can play a miniature USB-powered version whenever you fancy. Wallop!

    USB Whack It

    Excruciatingly addictive

    Despite its innuendo-laden name, USB Whack-It follows the same principle as its retro-arcade predecessor. The difference is you tap the colourful creatures with your finger as they light up randomly. Fair play, it's not as satisfying as clobbering them back into their hidey-holes with a comedy mallet but it's just as excruciatingly addictive.

    USB Whack It

    LCD score board

    We know you're always busy at work (*collective rolling of eyes *) so each game is mercifully short - either 30 seconds or a minute. As the timer counts down the game gets faster and more frantic. Aargh! Points are displayed on a nifty LCD score board and each game is accompanied by a cacophony of electro sound effects. Finish that annual report or have another crack at the high score? Hmmm...

    USB Whack It


    Seeing as USB Whack-It is a desktop distraction designed to be played in the working environment, it makes sense to pretend that each critter you finger-bash is a colleague. But that's not easy when the 'moles' look like grinning multicoloured pudding bowls. Thankfully a few felt-tip penned-on features will soon change that (big nose, curly hair, frown etc). Well it worked for us.

    In the increasingly daft world of USB-powered peripherals, USB Whack-It has got to be one of the daftest. And that's exactly why we think you'll love it. So what are you waiting for? Get whacking!

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