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USB Snowbot
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USB Snowbot

Prepare for snowmageddon

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    changing led light eyes

    Adjustable LED 'eye'

    How could anything with a carrot for a nose and a tatty old scarf wrapped around its frozen neck be anything other than evil? How indeed because for some inexplicable reason unhinged boffins have managed to meld the latent evil of the humble snowman with the cold efficiency of a high-tech robot.

    As its name suggests the USB Snowbot is a robotic snowman powered via USB. Just plug him in and watch in festive-tinged horror as his adjustable LED ‘eye’ scans from left to right, in either red or blue (you decide). He even makes that sinister swooshing noise à la the original Cylons (ask your dad) and his metal arms can be rotated and articulated. Twigs and mittens? Pah!

    No, we’ve no idea why anyone would want a robotic snowman on their desk but the Snowbot beats cutesy elves and reindeer every time. And because the 12” coiled cable tethering it to its computer overlord extends to 30” you can share its evil with whoever sits next to you at work. Help, the Snowbots are coming!

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