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USB Snakescope Camera
  • USB Snakescope Camera

USB Snakescope Camera

Stick it where the sun don’t shine

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    USB Snakescope with magnetic attachment

    USB Snakescope with magnetic attachment

    Some objects are capable of raising a titter on looks alone. Take the USB Snakescope for example. But before we make a load of childish, ‘you wanna look up my what?’ style jokes, it’s worth stating that this impressive borescopic still/video camera has thousands of extremely practical uses.

    Thanks to its long, robust, semi-flexible insertion tube (no sniggering at the back) and adjustable twin LEDs, it can explore all kinds of difficult to reach nooks and crannies, even wet ones because both camera head and cable are waterproof. It’s ideal for shoving down your plughole! ‘Hooray, I can see me ring!’

    Capable of producing images in VGA quality (640x480)

    Capable of producing images in VGA quality (640x480)

    Better still, it comes with idiot-proof software that allows you to view, tweak and archive your findings. It’s even got a clip-on magnetic attachment so you can retrieve lost screws and other metallic items that have dropped out of reach.

    Car engine

    "Anyone seen the Firebox kitten?"

    No slouch in the camera department, the Snakescope is capable of producing images in VGA quality (640x480) so differentiating between lint and screwed up tenners is easy. Speaking of peering into areas where the sun don’t shine, this quality gizmo is ideal for exploring the recesses of your sofa and examining car engines, cavity walls, mouse holes, loft spaces and more. Actually we’re sure we’ve seen Jack Bauer using something similar. Maybe he’d lost his keys?


    Handy tool box

    Yes, we realise the first place you’re going to stick the USB Snakescope is down your trousers, but once you’ve recovered from the disappointment you’ll discover that the possibilities are endless. Take it to work and you can use it to peer around corners (‘Quick, the boss!’) or spy on colleagues over your monitor, periscope style. In fact the only place the USB Snakescope can’t look is inside your innuendo-ridden mind. Shame.

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