USB Skull Hub
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  • USB Skull Hub
  • USB Skull Hub

USB Skull Hub

Bone Appetit

Product not available at the moment.
  • Is your workspace looking a little lifeless?
  • Decorate your desk with this creepy cranium
  • Use this bone-head to plough life into your gadgets
  • Lopped off forehead means plenty of storage for your bits 'n bobs


When it comes to decor, we humans seem to enjoy adorning our surroundings with the deathliest of objects. Skull candles, fairylights and cushions are the macabre ornaments of the moment. Sure, it's entirely depressing. But it looks darn cool so we should probably all stick with it.

Which brings us to this spectacularly sinister specimen. A wonderfully handy nugget of human anatomy that doubles up as a USB hub and nifty desk tidy. What in hell's name is not to love?

Plough life into your gadgets, and store your wires, sweets, keys or watch while you're at it. With four high-speed 2.0 USB ports your devices (all four of them) won't know what's hit 'em.

Conveniently, the top of this poor soul's skull has been lopped off, giving you plenty of storage space for whatever bits and bobs are cluttering up your desk.

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