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USB Retro Lamp
  • USB Retro Lamp

USB Retro Lamp

Old-style lamp, new style functionality

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    USB Retro Lamp

    Add a bit of style to your desk!

    Is your desktop area lacking a bit of old-school cool? If you're reading this on a computer (and you most certainly are) the answer is probably yes, because most modern working areas are exactly that - modern. So how do you add a retro-chic feel to your desk without spending a fortune? No, you don't dress your monitor in a rented lounge suit, you buy the incredibly stylish USB Retro Lamp.

    Based on the classic spindle design, this smart little lamp looks like the kind of thing you might have seen in a Parisian drinking den in days gone by. The difference is, it's small enough to sit on your desk. Ooh, la, la!

    USB Retro Lamp

    Just plug into a USB port!

    Simply plug it into the nearest USB port and it will give off a gentle glow whilst adding instant ambience to your surroundings. Okay, it's not really bright enough to replace your regular lamp but if you're looking to evoke an era before computers ruled the world this is just the ticket.

    With an effortlessly cool USB Retro Lamp on your desk it's difficult not to act all louche at work. We're currently sitting here in Noël Coward-esque smoking jackets, necking brandy and listening to Mad Dogs and Englishmen. (It's a tough job, blah, blah...).

    USB Retro Lamp

    Although this neat little peripheral is hardly life-changing, it really does add a certain something to the work area. You can even pack it along with your laptop for a dash of retro-ambience/decadent silliness on the move. Onlookers will love it. Well, maybe.

    An ideal pressie for any computer user in that pesky £5 to £10 bracket, the USB Retro Lamp is infinitely more original than a book token or a comedy mousemat. What's more, it's guaranteed to stand out (in a good way) in any desktop set up. Still not seen the light? Hit Buy and get back to the future. Or should that be the past? Whatever.

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