USB Podcast Kit

    USB Podcast Kit

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      Ricky Gervais does it. So does Russell Brand. And as for Gordon Ramsay, well he's an old hand, you daft $*#*! In fact anyone with something to say is doing it. Doing what, we hear you ask? Podcasting, of course.

      USB Podcast Kit

      Dynamic broadcast-style microphone

      But how do you introduce fellow internet users to your wit, wisdom and shambolic musings without a legion of tech-heads and a pile of expensive gear? No, you don't buy a massive megaphone and a soap box; you buy the nifty USB Podcast Studio. This idiot-proof kit contains everything you need to produce your very own professional podcasts. The only thing missing is a decent script.

      USB Podcast Kit

      Professional 5-input mixer

      Produced by Behringer, a name synonymous with quality equipment, the USB Podcast Studio comprises a studio-grade USB audio interface with comprehensive DAW and podcasting software (Podifier, Juice, PodNova, Golden Ear), a professional 5-input mixer with 2-band "British" EQ, high-quality headphones and a dynamic broadcast-style microphone plus cable and fold-out stand.

      USB Podcast Kit

      USB audio interface
      with USB cable

      The nifty software makes the whole production/upload process a doddle. Simply connect the USB Podcast Studio to your computer, load the software and start recording. Once you've finished jabbering you can upload the recorded file to a server using the Podifier software's FTP feature. It's easy once you get the
      hang of it.

      USB Podcast Kit

      Our very own Noel Edmonds

      Who knows, you might even become a podcasting sensation with millions of subscribers. All you need is something to say and a computer. And we know you've got the latter because you're reading this.


      The science bit

      USB Podcast Kit

      High quality headphones

      Whether you fancy yourself as a comedian, DJ, expert something-or-other, social commentator, rant merchant, or simply feel constipated with verbal you-know-what, the USB Podcast Studio is the perfect way to connect with the masses. So get ordering - your audience awaits!

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