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USB Pet Rock
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USB Pet Rock

I wanna rock!

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    Back in the 70s, annoyingly enterprising ad exec Gary Dahl hit upon the idea of marketing rocks as pets. Yes, rocks. You can scoff but his amusingly packaged Pet Rocks sold by the bucketload, making him a millionaire. Fast forward thirty-five years and the Pet Rock is back, but this time it’s USB-friendly.

    Well, sort of, because the USB Pet Rock is merely a rock on a USB cable – it doesn’t actually do anything. Not a sausage. Zero. Nada. Zip. But that’s what makes it the perfect desktop pet: no walking, feeding or poo pick-ups required. Simply put it on your desk, plug in and relax. ‘Oh, Rocky, you’re so chilled out.’

    Guaranteed to confuse and amuse co-workers, each Pet Rock is 100% unique (ish) and compatible with any operating system. You can even take it for a walk to the water cooler by its USB lead. If you’re bonkers. Which, considering your taste in web pages, you clearly are. All together now, ‘I wanna rock!’

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