USB Pedometer
  • USB Pedometer

USB Pedometer

Step up your fitness

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    plug into your computer

    Plug into your computer and upload your data via USB!

    It’s amazing how many miles you walk in an average day. You might not think you’ve had much in the way of exercise today, but a trip to the photocopier, a wander round the shops and a few tea runs all add up. Admittedly, they don’t add up to much... but it’s a start.

    And now you can build on this incidental daily exercise with the USB Pedometer. Just hang it around your neck or pop it in a pocket, then forget it’s there. This compact bit of kit will accurately measure the distance you have walked (and calories burned) every day. It’s great for gradually increasing your exercise program; and also knowing when you’ve done quite enough for one day – an alarm will sound when you’ve reached your daily target. After that you’re free to demand piggybacks from your co-workers, or to be carted about in a wheelbarrow. You’ve earned it.


    Handy size!

    When you get home, just plug the device into your PC and your data will be saved. Track your progress, update your targets and share your information with family and friends. The included software is simple to use and lays out your data in an easy-to-read way (no mental arithmetic required).

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