USB Negative Scanner
  • USB Negative Scanner

USB Negative Scanner

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    USB Negative Scanner

    Place your negatives into the film holder...

    The great thing about old 35mm photos is that most of us have them 'backed up' on negatives stuffed in forgotten drawers. The bad thing, however, is that most of us can't remember what's on the negatives until we hold them up to the light and squint. And even then it's hard to tell. Enter the truly ingenious USB Negative Scanner.
    USB Negative Scanner

    L-R: Deluxe VFS-004, new VFS-002m

    At the touch of a button this idiot-proof gizmo scans 35mm negatives or slides and converts the trapped images into digital pics. You can then edit, crop and resize them using the included software ready for printing, archiving or just viewing on the big screen. It's like delving into the past without the DeLorean.

    How it works...

    USB Negative Scanner

    Insert the loaded film holder

    Choose from various options from the uploaded software

    Convert your negative into a digital image!

    USB Negative Scanner

    The Negative Scanner is powered via USB!

    USB Negative Scanner

    Now you can upload your old pics!

    Using the USB Negative Scanner is a doddle. Simply plug it in your USB port (no mains power or batteries required), slip a negative or slide into the respective holder and push it through. The image then appears on screen. All you do is wait a few seconds for the intuitive software to adjust the back light and colour balance and hit scan. Before you can say 'oh gawd, look at me fringe!' you'll have a genuine 5 megapixel piccy on your PC.

    USB Negative Scanner

    Converts slides too

    Compact and sleek, this hi-tech device will save you a fortune at the photo lab and it's so easy to use you'll be converting all those long-forgotten pics in no time: mum and dad's wedding, old birthdays, that holiday where you insisted on wearing a pre-ironic Take That t-shirt; even really old negs of granny in her Sunday best or dusty slides you last viewed on dad's clumsy projector.

    USB Negative Scanner

    Brush included!

    A great gift for mum, dad or anyone who's ever owned a 35mm camera, the USB Negative Scanner is a brilliant way of getting old photos on social networking sites, especially if your best mate had a hairdo like Pee-wee Herman and your emo sister was into East 17. Who says you can't turn a negative into a positive?

    USB Negative Scanner

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    and the USB Negative Scanner

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