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USB Microscope

Really close encounters

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    Linnéa examines a 20p

    Have you ever wondered what a biscuit crumb looks like up close? And we mean really, really close. Or how about a toenail clipping? Or a flea? Or a flea eating a biscuit crumb on a toenail clipping? If you have (and what busy executive clock watcher hasn't?) then you need the fascinating USB Microscope.

    This smart USB-powered instrument lets you zoom in (from 20x and 200x) on any object you fancy. And thanks to its accompanying software you can record your findings as photos and videos on your PC. Hold it like a pen or pop it on its smart little desktop stand. It even boasts an internal white LED to illuminate objects to the max. You'll never be bored at your desk again.

    USB Microscope USB Microscope USB Microscope

    Plug in and install software

    Place subject under microscope

    Check out the view

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    USB Microscope USB Microscope USB Microscope

    Bank Note


    Firebox Catalogue


    Our lovely carpet

    If by any chance you do tire of examining flecks of lint, mouldy crackers, egg stains and flakes of dandruff, you can always don a white coat, dim the lights and pretend you're Bruce Banner, her off the X Files or even Quincy. Asking colleagues to 'come take a look at this!' with wide-eyed amazement is entirely optional.

    Time wasting aside, the USB Microscope really is a highly sophisticated bit of kit with loads of serious applications for students, collectors and science freaks. Use it to examine jewellery, documents, coins, banknotes, your best friend's failing follicles - the possibilities are endless.


    Chris' favourite pet, Antony

    Thanks to its ability to collate and display what it sees on your computer screen this titchy gizmo doubles up as a brilliant presentation aid: 'Here ve see zee photo of zee spinach discovered at vorteen hundred hours between our subject's vront teeth.'

    A fantastic gift for budding boffins and ceaselessly curious screen monkeys, the USB Microscope is one gadget you'll use again and again, whether you're zooming in on animal, vegetable, mineral or unknown sample discovered deep within your sock. So get ordering - it's time to think small. Really, really small.

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