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USB Mains Charger
  • USB Mains Charger

USB Mains Charger

21st century charging

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    USB Mains Charger

    Charge usb devices from your mains sockets!

    Isn’t a shame so many gadgets expect you to have your computer on so you can charge them. It almost makes sense now to convert all your home plug sockets to USB sockets. Well, until that is feasible you can purchase the USB Mains Charger.

    Forehead slapping easy, just plug into your mains plug socket and then insert your gadget's USB plug into this minimal 21st century plug and hey presto – electricity is whooshed into your beloved gadget.

    USB Mains Charger

    Fits any USB device!

    Forget carrying your laptop on the train just to power your Mili Powerpack and no more need to search for a desktop PC on holiday to charge your iPhone. This USB Mains Charger will do it all for you. Compatible with all USB powered devices you might even need 3 or 4 of these, iPods, iPhones, PDAs, Bluetooth headsets or even that USB Basketball game your Gran bought you for Christmas!

    Cheap as chips and ultra portable whether you’re at home in the office or off on a business trip in Costa del Regis and you really need some charge in your Freeloader, because let's face it we can't guarantee the sun.

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