USB Lava Lamp
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USB Lava Lamp

Retro-modern desktop distraction

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    '70s icon gets eye-catching new makeover! No, we're not talking about Burt Reynolds' latest surgery. We're talking about the ingenious new USB Lava Lamp.

    As its name suggests, this nifty little gizmo powers up when plugged into any USB port (via a coiled cable), so you can enjoy its hypnotic glow whenever you're within clicking distance of your desktop or laptop. We realise that plugging a lava lamp into a computer is a bit like shovelling coal into a plasma TV, but the juxtaposition of retro-modern thingamabob and post-millennial must-have somehow seems to work.

    USB Lava Lamp Indeed, the ingenious USB Lava Lamp is probably one of the most unnecessary yet enthralling PC peripherals we've ever seen. Everyone who sees one wants one. And who can blame them? Because sitting by a computer all day can be dull as dishwater (unless, of course, you're perusing the pages of without a few desktop distractions.

    USB Lava Lamp Although this shapely Barbarella-esque device is only 6 inches tall, the luminous glitter-in-goo concoction floating around inside is seriously dazzling. Indeed, when illuminated, the USB Lava Lamp creates a funky disco ball effect that's so gloriously retro we half expected Tony Blackburn to pedal into the office on a Chopper and offer us a Spangle, before giving us a rendition of Tiger Feet on his Stylophone.

    This original Lava Brand® product really is the ideal way to add a glowing touch of individuality to your workspace. So come on; plug in, chill out and glam up with a USB Lava Lamp before everyone decides they want a little lava in their life.

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