USB Flash Drive Rabbit
  • USB Flash Drive Rabbit

USB Flash Drive Rabbit

What’s up, dock?

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    Plugged into a laptop

    USB Wabbit

    Let’s keep this one simple – USB flash drive. Shaped like a rabbit. Phew! That was tricky.

    But the Rabbit USB Flash Drive is way more interesting than those drab USB sticks that you'd normally use. This plucky little gizmo comes with a 4GB memory, so it’s perfect for transferring important documents, photos, reports and homework.

    The nifty little bounder even comes with his own carry-cord for looping around your wrist. So you can be sure you never leave your documents behind on communal computers and always have your homework to hand.

    Bring a touch of Easter to your workspace, and show those office squares it’s hip to hop.

    Wrist strap

    Cool bunny wrist strap

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