USB Discover MIDI Keyboard
  • USB Discover MIDI Keyboard

USB Discover MIDI Keyboard

Tickle the ivories, USB style

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    Playing the Discover Keyboard

    Learn, play and perform

    You’re probably pretty nifty when it comes to tickling the keys on your qwerty keyboard. So why not learn how to tickle the pretend ivories and make sweet music with the brilliant USB Discover MIDI Keyboard.

    Simply USB this 25-key piano-style keyboard into your PC or Mac and prepare to make a complete Liberace of yourself as you learn, play and perform via its user-friendly software.

    Software included
    Software screenshot Software screenshot Software screenshot

    Learn each chord

    Record and playback your session

    Learn the scales

    Buttons on the Discover Keyboard

    Pitch, program and octave buttons

    If you’ve checked out the cost of proper piano lessons you’ll know that the Discover is an absolute steal. Plus you can’t shove a real piano in your laptop bag. It’s perfect for beginners and experienced key-tinklers alike.

    Boasting sustain, octave up/down, pitch bend and program select controls, the Discover is compatible with virtually any midi music program out there, so you can plink away to your fingers’ content. It’s like having your very own tutor and multifunctional piano in one. Now, how does Chopsticks go again?

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