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USB Christmas Party Kit

    USB Christmas Party Kit

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      Christmas is just around the corner, but staring at a computer all day isn't very festive, is it? And it's even worse for your poor PC - plonked on a desk looking all sleek and modern as its flickering pixels glare in envy at all that twinkling tinsel. In fact we reckon computers are the Bob Cratchits of office essentials. (We really must lay off the sweet sherry).

      For this reason we've been searching for a way to cheer up the humble computer this Christmas. Step forward the very merry USB Christmas Party Kit. More festive than Roy Wood's wardrobe and a pile of Cliff Richard number ones combined, this handy kit contains everything you need to decorate your digital desktop companion.

      First up there's a set of USB-powered LED fairy lights to drape around the screen. Then there's a little Santa hat - perfect for tiny-headed executives or placing on the edge of your keyboard at a suitably jaunty angle.

      Of course it would be unfair to ignore your hard-working mouse at Christmas, so there's a festive mouse mat too.

      Yes, your workstation will look utterly ridiculous. And yes, clients will have a hard time concentrating on spreadsheets when your screen is surrounded by twinkling lights. But you'd have to be totally bah humbug not to be just a little bit enchanted by this colourful array of PC peripherals. Anyway, who says computers can't celebrate the season of goodwill?

      Short of getting a job as a keyboard monkey in Santa's grotto, there's no better way to feel festive whilst punching those keys and manipulating your mouse this Christmas. Besides, 'tis the season to go bonkers!

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