USB Cassette Deck
  • USB Cassette Deck

USB Cassette Deck

Fast forward to the future

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    USB Cassette Deck

    Convert all your old tapes
    into digital music

    Let's face it, audio tapes were rubbish. Yes, you could compile party mixes and pilfer the top 40 off the radio, but times change and the thought of waiting an eternity for a C90 to rewind or untangling a twisted tape is about as appealing as listening to Chico duetting with Slipknot. So thank goodness you can digitize the music trapped on your old cassettes with the miraculous USB Cassette Deck.

    Simply plug this double tape deck into your computer and you can start converting tapes into MP3s faster than you can say 'I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar'. It's easier than the old 'Rec'+'Play' finger stretch.

    The Audio Level lights display

    Check the levels and adjust the gain

    Suitably 80s-looking, the USB Cassette Deck has slow-opening doors (the slower the better back in the day) a tape counter and metal/CrO2 tape selector. And with two decks you can record from tape to tape for additional retro reminiscing.

    Completely plug and play with no special drivers required, the USB Cassette Deck comes with idiot-proof EZ Tape Converter software. This allows you to archive your recordings on your computer in a few clicks. Just think, you could be listening to old mix tapes on your MP3 player or burning CDs of that ancient recording of your gran prattling on about the price of Spam.

    USB Cassette Deck

    Connects to your computer via USB

    USB Cassette Deck

    Includes Audacity Software (PC & Mac)

    Once you start converting you'll be totally hooked. And when you eventually run out of tapes to digitize, you can bet your wonky spools friends and relatives will come a-knocking with their collections.

    It really is amazing what you find on old cassettes. It's like rediscovering the soundtrack to your youth. And once you've converted them you can listen to all that previously trapped material without having to dig out a cassette player or put up with all that slow rewind business. So why pause? It's time to fast-forward to the future with a USB Cassette Deck.

    USB Cassette Deck

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