USB Body Scales
  • USB Body Scales

USB Body Scales

Watch your weight

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    Computer with USB Scales data on

    Upload your stats to your computer
    with the included USB stick

    Don’t live in fear of your bathroom scales. Hop on to the USB Body Scales and keep tabs on your health from day to day (or week to week, or month to month...). This brilliant gizmo not only measures your weight, but also your body fat and muscle tissue as well.

    These brilliant digital scales have their own internal memory, so they’ll save your data every time you use them. How is this useful? Well, plug in the USB flash drive to your PC and you can transfer all of this stored information!

    LCD screen

    Measure body fat, muscle,
    water and bone mass

    The ION Healthsuite software (included) lets you look through all of your readings in an easy to read format and even lets you set goals for yourself – perfect for getting in shape for summer, shedding post-Christmas pounds, gaining weight after illness, or tracking your baby bump!

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