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UK Scratch Map

Great for itchy feet

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    If you’re not much for globe-trotting but bounce around the UK like a patriotic pinball, why not log your travels with a UK Scratch Map. Spanning the length and breadth of these fair isles, the UK Scratch Map is covered in gold foil – just like a lottery scratch card. So is there a prize to be won? Well... of sorts.

    Scratch off everywhere that you have visited – city by city, or county by county – and reveal the colourful map underneath. It’s a great way to track where you’ve been, where’s left to visit and how awfully experienced you are.

    And therein lies the prize – the more places you visit, the more you learn. The more you learn the better your outlook. The better your outlook the happier you are. Jackpot! Well, that’s the plan anyway. So what are you waiting for? Get a coin and start rubbing!

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