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    An amazing flying spinning thing

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      We've seen some bizarre RC flying machines in our time, but the amazing UFX really takes the biscuit. In fact, it takes the biscuit, fills it with jam, and then covers it with hundreds and thousands before smashing it to smithereens with a cricket bat and dropping an anvil on it! We really can't overemphasise the stir that this ingenious contraption caused here at Firebox HQ. As our Director of Demonstrations expertly piloted the UFX up through our palatial split-level atrium, the collective din of jaws hitting the floor was deafening.

      wing-tip propellor

      It's not simply that the UFX is such a radical departure from RC flyers of the winged variety, and that it spins skywards in such a controlled manner; it's the fact that it really doesn't look like it's going to be able to fly. A bit like a bumblebee – which, as someone famous once stated, flies 'because it doesn’t know how not to.'

      Remote Control unit

      Controlled via a neat handheld unit, you can manoeuvre the UFX up and down, controlling its takeoff, descent and landing. Just like a hot air balloon or glider, lateral movement is in the hands of prevailing winds, but after a little practice you should be able to plot the UFX's flight path pretty accurately.

      Launch pad

      The UFX's funky launch pad also doubles up as its charger, and derives its juice from 8 'D' Cell Alkaline batteries. Alternatively, you can power up the base station using the 12V cigarette lighter outlet in your car. A fifteen minute charge will give you 2 minutes of flight time, which may not sound that long, but believe us, any longer and you'll be fighting off hordes of gawping kids, pensioners and park keepers.

      A bit like a bike wheel

      We confidently predict that this strange frisbee/helicopter/UFO hybrid is rapidly going to hover its way into our top sellers chart, so get ordering before the whole world goes UFX crazy!

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