U Record Video Converter
  • U Record Video Converter

U Record Video Converter

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    Convert your videos or Tv promgramees

    Convert your VHS or TV shows into digital media!

    The great thing about video tapes is…erm, hang on, there isn’t anything great about them. They’re rubbish. But we bet you’ve got stacks of them cluttering up your cupboards. Thing is you can’t bin ‘em, they’re full of precious recordings. So thank goodness for the U Record Video Converter.

    Simply hook this clever little gizmo up to your VCR or camcorder via the supplied cables, USB it into your PC and hey presto – it will convert your beloved recordings into digital files. You can then archive them, burn them to DVD or sync them to your portable gizmo of choice (iPhone, PSP, etc.). It even comes with div-proof software that analyses and improves the quality of your vids.

    As well as its impressive ability to amalgamate obsolete technology with cutting edge jiggery-pokery, the USB-powered U Record is compatible with modern video sources. Use it to transfer Sky Plus recordings to your PC, or convert DVDs into iPhone-friendly MP4s. It’s a breeze thanks to the included EZ Video Converter software.

    Connecting via USB The EZ Video Converter Software Watch your converted video on a smart phone

    Connect to your computer via USB

    Use the EZ Video Converter software

    Watch your new digital media!

    All the parts

    1) USB lead, 2) VIDEO 2 PC digital video converter, 3) RCA audio/video cable, 4) EZ Software CD,
    5) Instructions

    Buy the U Record and you’ll soon be chortling at dad’s Speedos on those reinvigorated holiday vids, wincing at Cheggers’ pith helmet (assuming you were unlucky enough to video Naked Jungle), marvelling at the staggering unfunniness of ‘Allo ‘Allo and singing along to long-forgotten ads. ‘Hope it’s chips, it’s chips...’

    Remember kids, video tapes don’t last forever. That’s why it makes sense to digitise them asap. And once you’ve successfully archived your VHS library don’t forget to stamp on those cumbersome tapes before chucking them. After all, you wouldn’t want the binmen to know you’d gone over the last five minutes of Knight Rider with a clip of Carol Vorderman fumbling for a P, would you?

    The connections

    S-Video and A/V Inputs

    More detail and specification