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U Record Music Converter
  • U Record Music Converter

U Record Music Converter

From tape and LP to MP3

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    Recording level knob

    Now you can convert your trapped music!

    Nostalgic musings aside, records and cassettes were a bit rubbish. All that scratched vinyl and tangled tape was enough to drive you digital. And it did. So much so, both formats are now virtually obsolete. And that means anyone who’s old enough to remember the difference between an EP and a C90 has probably got heaps of music languishing in the loft.

    And you can’t have that, can you? All those compilation tapes and beloved LPs deserve to be rediscovered. But that dusty Showaddywaddy album and ancient mix tape aren’t going to convert themselves into pristine digital files without a bit of help. Step forward the U Record.

    Recording level knob

    Tweak the recording level!

    This ingenious box of tricks allows you to transfer the music trapped on old records and tapes to your computer. Simply plug it into the nearest USB port, attach your prehistoric player of choice (turntable, cassette deck, whatever) and get ripping. Don’t worry about compatibility and pre-amps, the idiot-proof U Record works with both Mac and PC and includes a built-in pre-amp, which takes the guesswork out of recording from a turntable.

    How it works...

    How it works

    Find your Vinyls/tapes

    Connect up the U-record via USB to your PC/Mac

    Convert using the software provided!

    Connection diagram

    Connect your Vinyl/tape player to the U-Record via Phono/line input and then connect your U-Record to your PC/Mac via USB

    Once you’ve converted your records and cassettes into crisp, clear digital audio (MP3) the included EZ Vinyl Converter software provides options to specify track information. Simply add artist and album and it will automatically import the music directly to your iTunes library.

    Audacity software

    Edit your files using Audacity

    If you’re a real Mr Perfect you can even edit and correct imperfections with the included Audacity software. Whether it’s an obscure Buggles B-side or an ancient top 40 countdown, we guarantee you’ll be overcome with nostalgia the second you press play. (Unless Dave Lee Travis gets interrupted by the sound of your dad mumbling ‘testing, testing, one, two, three’).

    The U Record is a must-have accessory for anyone with a computer and a box load of records and cassettes. And assuming you’re out of short trousers and reading this, that means you!

    Connection diagram

    More detail and specification