U-Fly Light-up Returning UFO
  • U-Fly Light-up Returning UFO

U-Fly Light-up Returning UFO

Watch the skies!

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    We all shed a tear at the end of ET, watching him whoosh off in his spaceship, leaving a shiny rainbow trail behind him. Would the loveable space monkey ever come back? We had to know! Thankfully, the U-Fly Ultimate UFO leaves us in no doubt. Will it come back? Course it will!

    Complete with hand-held launchpad, this clever little flier takes to the air with just one tug of a pull-cord, travelling up to 25m at a height of up to 8m. Not only will it put on a rainbow lightshow worthy of ET’s mothership, but it’ll also come back to you like a boomerang. Hurrah! We love a happy ending.

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