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    Get up close and personal with your flexible friends.

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      Occasionally, things originally intended for kids become cult hits with adults: Harry Potter, S Club 7, SpongeBob Squarepants (or is that just us?) and of course, Twister. Indeed, this simple but brilliant game is more than a cult, it's a global phenomenon. Hardly surprising when it allows players to get up close and personal with members of the opposite sex. In fact, when Twister was first launched back in the swinging 60s, critics renamed it 'sex in a box'.

      Twister Of course if it was called that today sales would undoubtedly go through the roof. But back then it took a well-timed PR stunt to quell the puritanical fears of potential game-buyers. Makers persuaded Johnny Carson to try out the game with Eva Gabor on his Tonight Show. The result? Eva's assets almost fell out, the audience laughed their heads off and Twister sold more than three million copies in that year alone.

      Twister Fast forward forty years and Twister is still the undisputed king of party games. (Well, legal ones, at least). We think it might just have something to do with the fact it involves clambering all over your opponents in a slightly suggestive fashion. After all, what other game instructs players to manoeuvre their extremities around each others' nether regions in order to avoid getting a faceful of thingamabob? Actually, don't answer that.

      It goes without saying that Twister is even more amusing if players have sunk a few shandies beforehand. Because as well as improving flexibility and reducing inhibitions, alcohol is a well-known giggle-enhancer and blighter of balance. All of which makes playing Twister when sozzled utterly hilarious.

      In case you need reminding, the goal in Twister is to outlast your opponents by stretching and entwining your body around a polka-dotted vinyl mat without falling down. But you already knew that. We just like talking Twister to complete strangers. Your move...

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