• Twister


See your friends from a whole new angle

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    Spin that dial!

    Unless you’re a contortionist, you’re probably not familiar with the giddy thrill that comes from successfully tucking your foot under your own armpit; while your friends look on in awe (or something close to it). That’s where Twister comes in.

    As fun today as it’s always been, this classic floor-based game can be played by all ages – provided they’re stretchy enough and have washed their socks. Simply take it in turns to spin the dial (or ask someone to spin it for you) and place your hand or foot on the appropriate spot on the floor mat. ‘Right hand yellow? You got it!’

    Left Hand on blue spot

    Left hand blue

    So far so tame, but wait! Your hand or foot must remain there until it’s given a new colour to move to. So bit by bit you’ll find yourself twisting and stretching all over the multicoloured mat. What’s more, while you’re doing this, your opponents are doing the same. So you’ll have to work around their contorted bodies to succeed. The winner is the one person still holding themselves up when the rest of the players collapse.

    No flashy lights, no sounds effects, and not an app in sight. Twister is so simple and fun that it has stood the test of time with barely any changes. Hit the Buy button (white hand green) and break this out at the next party. It’s a board game and a workout in one!

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