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Twister Duvet Cover
  • Twister Duvet Cover

Twister Duvet Cover

Play Twister in bed. Oh behave!

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    Soft dice

    The bedroom has long been associated with fun and games, and so has Twister. After all, this is the game where the players themselves are pieces. Unfortunately, for some unfathomable reason, no one's ever thought to combine the two - until now! The gloriously amusing Twister Duvet is a breathtakingly stylish piece of bedlinen that is guaranteed to make your performance in the sack a talking point for all the right reasons!

    As anyone who has played this classic game of contortion will testify, Twister is side (and trouser) splitting enough when it's played on the floor. But transfer the 'board' onto a soft, squishy bed and the possibilities are utterly mind-boggling. Why, it's enough to make your eyes water!

    With its huge bold dots, the Twister Duvet makes an extremely modish style statement in any boudoir, and has just the right amount of retro-chic/Austin Powers-esque pizzazz without detracting from its true purpose. Just think of the fun you'll have as you invite unsuspecting guests into your bedroom to assume an infinite number of awkward positions. Make sure you take your shoes off first!


    Pillow design

    Twister Duvet comes complete with matching pillowcases and two foam-filled fabric dice, so you won't have to fumble around the bed looking for anything fiddly. Which is nice. We played in Firebox HQ's main dormitory (no, we haven't got homes to go to) recently, and one of the pretzel-like clusters we accomplished was so confusing the local fire brigade had to help disentangle us.

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