Twist Alarm Clock
  • Twist Alarm Clock

Twist Alarm Clock

Wakey wakey, rise and…do sums!

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    Twist Alarm Clock

    Red back light

    Performing mental arithmetic first thing in the morning is about as appealing as waking up with John McCririck’s pants on your head. But at least it’s guaranteed to get you out of bed, especially when an alarm is blaring in the background. And it’s this bonkers premise that makes the Twist Alarm Clock so infuriatingly effective.

    This brain-scrambling electronic waker-upper presents you with a different sum to solve every morning. Simply twist the two rotary digits to complete the equation and silence its infernal beeping. A third dial serves as a function selector and completes the Twist’s sleek, contemporary styling.

    Twist Alarm Clock

    Alarm set, displaying the time

    ? + ? = 13

    Twist to solve the sum and silence the beeps

    Okay, so the sums in question are not exactly Hawking-esque in difficulty, but even the simplest equation can prove problematic the morning after the night before. And if you’re anything like us, you don’t know your name at 7am, let alone what seven minus four equals. So wake up and get ordering – it all adds up to a seriously effective alarm clock.

    Twist Alarm Clock

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