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Twin Turbo Blaster XX
  • Twin Turbo Blaster XX

Twin Turbo Blaster XX

Don't get 'em nearly wet, get 'em really wet!

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    The world of water weaponry has advanced beyond all recognition in recent years. The days of the pathetic little plasticky water pistol are well and truly over. In fact, rubbishy contents of a Christmas cracker style revolvers wouldn't impress a four year-old in this day and age. To compete with the big boys you need a big gun. To beat the big boys you need a big double-barrelled gun. To drench the big boys you need a big double barrelled gun that fires twin high pressure jets of water. Let's face it, what you really need is a Twin Turbo Blaster XX!

    This mighty double-barrelled drencher is the new kid on the block in terms of all out, hi-tech, soak 'em to the skin, jet powered water weapons. And any gun that's got “XX” in its name has got to pack a bit of a punch. After all, we all know that anything with one X isn't messing about; but two indicates a total torrent. Any more and you wouldn't find the Twin Turbo on a family website at all!

    As well as its unquestionable double-barrelled prowess in the water-blasting department, the stylish Twin Turbo looks like it means business too. In fact, it looks more like something Barbarella might use to pressure-wash her capsule with than a state-of-the-art water weapon. A spherical transparent reservoir at the rear indicates how much water you've got left and there's an extra handle up front to steady the Twin Turbo when firing. This handy grip also means you can hold the Twin Turbo machine-gun-styley. Immature? Of course!

    6 x AA batteries are all you need to power-up this flashing, water-blasting fun gun. Simply fill it with water, aim (if you want), pull the trigger and fire. The Twin Turbo is guaranteed to garner attention wherever you take it. But be warned: a water war fought with Twin Turbos is liable to have a seriously soggy outcome. Don't get 'em nearly wet, get 'em really wet!

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