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Twilight Umbrellas

Grinnin' in the rain

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    Brolly good

    Think of rain and you think of yucky journeys spent hunched beneath a depressing nylon canopy. But all that’s about to change thanks to our spectacularly twinkly Twilight Umbrellas. Guaranteed to brighten up the rainiest of days, these hi-tech brollies utilise fibre optics, three AAA batteries and lots of LEDs to create a truly magical effect.

    There are two Twilights available, the Starlight featuring twinkly white lights, or the Rainbow featuring constantly phasing multicoloured lights. Talk about a brolly good show. Better still there are lights on both sides of the canopy, so you can impress soggy onlookers without having to peer into shop windows to see the show. You’ll feel like an extra in Blade Runner every time you hit the street.

    starlight version

    Starlight version

    If you’re worried about bumping into your boss whilst brandishing a brolly this jolly, worry not. The Twilight only performs its light show when you press the on/off switch in its handle. And although the lining is silver (hi ho), both Twilights are business-like black on the outside. ‘Really boss? You saw someone sploshing through puddles holding a funky technicolour brolly? How strange.’

    Already creating a storm amongst umbrella aficionados (of course they exist), Twilight Umbrellas are sure to cheer you up on dreary wintery days. And thanks to a one button opening mechanism, putting up your Twilight is easier than, erm, pushing a button.

    opening animation

    One button opening

    Unless you live in the middle of a desert we can see no reason why you wouldn’t want one of these incredibly cool rain repellers right now. In fact with a Twilight in your bag or briefcase you’ll be praying for a downpour every time you leave the house. So don’t be wet, be bright and hit the Buy button.

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