Twilight Turtle
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Twilight Turtle

Calm your night terrapins

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  • Transform nurseries and bedrooms into starry wonderlands
  • The most calming night light in the world
  • Features 8 actual star constellations


What have turtles got to do with star gazing? We have no idea. In fact we can't even think of a second-rate, shell-related pun to link the two. But who cares because the award-winning Twilight Turtle is so wondrously effective it needs no introduction.

This cute night time companion transforms nurseries and bedrooms into starry wonderlands that will mesmerise kids and insomniac adults alike. Thanks to Twilight Turtle's magical light show, little angels should have no problems nodding off to bobo-land. You can even choose between three soothing colour options: blue, green or amber. Bliss.

As well as its soporific qualities, Twilight Turtle is ideal for aspiring Patrick Moores because its realistic mass of twinkling stars includes eight genuine constellations. What's more it comes with a beautifully illustrated Star Guide, so you can identify the Big Dipper and pretend you know your stuff when kids point skywards. (Wearing a monocle, talking really fast and hanging out with Brian May is entirely optional).

Don't worry about tip-toeing back in the room to switch off Twilight Turtle because a 45 minute sleep timer with auto shut-off means you can kiss the kids night night and leave this glowing gizmo to work its twinkly magic. In fact, Twilight Turtle is so effective we're starting to feel sleepy just writing about it. So hurry up and hit the Buy button befo...zzzzzzz.

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5 Reviews

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  • "Very calming and relaxing, the stars cover the ceiling really well and look great! "
    Nicola - 30th of January, 2017
  • "Pretty and cute. Interesting light pattern, taking this camping and for using at night."
    Saz - 13th of April, 2016
  • "Lovely nightlight. My baby absolutely loves it, and so do it. It covers the whole ceiling and the tops of the walls, which is brilliant."
    Samantha - 3rd of February, 2016
  • "Projects actual constellations... I think I might keep it for myself, screw the kid!"
    Tim - 10th of January, 2016
  • "Love it. Ordered as I broke the last one and this one is even better as it has the intermittent changing stars and the last one didn't."
    Melissa - 26th of August, 2015